How to Avoid Typical Mistakes When Planning a Wedding

http-o.aolcdn.comhssstoragemidas369aa28774632c0d1a551b65aa6f9e4c205086824607962220The wedding industry has a special term to describe the situation in which the bride and the groom succumb to the pressure from their friends and relatives and spend outrageous sums of money on a fantasy perfect wedding. This term is “white blindness” and this is exactly what you want to avoid when planning and preparing for your wedding.

Most vendors in the wedding business can’t turn you into a repeat customer, which is why their goal is to maximize the revenue they get from you. For this reason, they will often try to sell you as many services and products as possible and make as much money as they can from you. They are often able to succeed admirably at this goal because they sell not only tangibles but also emotions.

It is very unfortunate that many couples let others decide for them how much their wedding should cost and think that the monetary expense of the wedding day needs to somehow correspond to the depth of their relationship. This often happens because of the marketing that the wedding industry uses and catchphrases such as “You deserve to look like a princess!” and “You only get married once!”

The truth is that no magic will occur because you spend a certain amount of money on an event. The real magic is about you and your partner building a relationship and a life together as one. This is why it is a very good idea to agree that if either of you notices “white blindness” in the other person, you openly talk about it and place certain things and expenses on pause until “the blindness” passes.

Planning a wedding is a large project and you should start thinking about it in terms of goals that you want to accomplish while also setting budgets and restrictions. Most likely, spending money to impress people is not your goal. Publicly proclaiming your love and commitment is what great weddings are really about.