How to Plan a Budget for a Wedding

myweddingplanning.in_wedding-planner-in-goa_beach-wedding-planner-i-n-goaJust like with a lot of other things in life, much of the stress associated with the planning of a wedding has to do with money issues. You will need to think about how much money you want to spend, what to spend it on and where the money is going to come from. Before you get too far in your wedding planning, decide on the ballpark figure.

Here’s why you want to do this: when you come up with a specific number, you will start comparing this number to other numbers that you have in your life. If for example, you or your future spouse is thinking about a $30,000 wedding and you are making $60,000 a year, then you will inevitably end up realizing that a $30,000 wedding is equal to six months of work. You will also start thinking about what $30,000 could do for your future family and what else you could spend this kind of money on. Then the question will become, do you really want to work for 6 months to spend it all on just one day of your life when you could get a new car instead.

The good news is that today there are a lot of websites that offer all kinds of sample budgets, calculations and examples. Such websites usually use quality and offer calculators where you can plug in your different wedding expenses to get the final figure. Today, technology is everywhere and you can and should use it to your advantage when planning a wedding, too.

It is a good idea to have a wedding budget in the ballpark of 10% to 20% of your annual income. This way you can have a nice event, but you will not spend more than you can afford on it. Next, you want to compare different options, talk to various venues and providers of wedding-related services and goods and see what they charge. This will allow you to learn what is realistic and what is not.