How to Plan a Wedding: Identify Your Priorities

priorityA lot of couples don’t really have a vision of what they want to accomplish with their wedding other than having a vague idea about having a ceremony and a reception that will impress their friends and relatives. Even fewer couples can clearly describe what they want to accomplish during their first year of marriage. Because of that, many engaged couples end up spending money on the things that aren’t really important to them.

The entire idea of identifying priorities for a wedding may seem a bit odd. For it to make sense to you, you need to understand that there’s more to a wedding than just joining two loving hearts. For example, most couples would like to have a wedding that would make a very pleasant and memorable experience for their guests. On top of that, they also want a wedding that would reflect who they are, what they value in life and what they believe in. If you also have these goals, you need to get together with your future spouse and discuss what you’d like to accomplish.

Your future partner may have a goal of you having a perfect day during your wedding. If that’s the case, you should have a conversation about the fact that inevitable issues will occur. If you do, your future spouse will have less stress, if not now, then definitely later. At the same time, you can agree to have a goal of enjoying the process of planning and the wedding itself no matter what happens.

Next, you can list all the things that you like and don’t like about the weddings that you’ve been to in the past. Discuss cultural and religious traditions and decide whether you want to adhere to them. Finally, think about how you’d like to remember your wedding day. Do you want a small intimate reception or a big party for several hundred people?