Paying for a Wedding

landscape-1429558790-ramseyBefore you can plan your wedding in detail, you need to know where the money is going to come from. You may have your parents telling you that they would like to pay for a reception, but they may have no clue how much the reception is really going to cost.

You want to avoid a scenario in which your parents or other relatives get a sticker shock and back out when it’s time for you to make a deposit on a venue. For this reason, it is much better to start your conversation with people who want to contribute to your wedding financially not only with what they want to pay for but also how much they are willing to spend. This way, if there is a significant gap between the price of what your contributors want to pay for and the amount they have in mind, you can resolve the problem early.

The best way to avoid all kinds of problems is to be very specific about the financial figures and what you will spend the money on. If, for instance, your parents want to donate $2,500, it may not be enough to book a venue, but it could pay for the flowers and the invitations.

How do you know what is enough and what it not? This is easy! Today you don’t even have to call venues or service providers to learn about their prices. You can find all the information you need on the Internet. There are plenty of sites that offer all kinds of trusted, expert reviews, be it, reviews about music DJ’s or wedding venues. There are plenty of other ways how you can use the Internet and technology when planning, organizing and having a wedding. You can create your own website with an itinerary and travel tips for guests. You can also decide to produce your own app for your wedding.