Your Wedding Guest List and Your Budget

Etiquette-for-the-Wedding-Guest-ListMany people wonder what comes first, their wedding guest list or their budget. This question is like asking ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’

Truth is, you can plan a wedding using both approaches. You can set a budget first. Then, you can decide on a number of guests and this will allow you to calculate how much money you can spend per guest. For example, if you have a budget of $3,000 for the reception and want to invite 75 people, then you can spend $40 per person. Then you can decide how much you will spend on food (let’s say, $30) and how much you will spend on alcoholic drinks (let’s say, $10).

On the other hand, you can start with the number of guests in mind. For example, if you want to have 100 people and your budget is $2,500, then you will need to allocate $25 per person for both food and alcohol. This cost per person will most likely rule out most of the traditional wedding venues and reception halls, which means that you will need to start looking for creative ideas about how to have a wedding reception at this cost.

Today there are many websites on the Internet that help with financial planning and data, including planning for a wedding. No matter where in the world you want to get married, you can find a website that will have a list of venues, prices and reviews. You can Click here to learn more about weddings in the United Kingdom including venues, costs and other information.

Everything depends on your goals and priorities and your circumstances. If you have a huge family, you may be better off having a huge cookout reception in your backyard. However, if you want a small and intimate wedding, you may want to start with your budget and then decide on the number of people you are going to invite.

Both methods offer an advantage in that you will be able to eliminate spaces and venues that are too expensive or too small right away.